2019 Power 50


1. Geoff Selig, executive chairman, IVE Group
2. Kellie Northwood, chief executive officer, The Real Media Collective
3. Cliff Brigstocke, chief executive officer, Blue Star Group
4. Craig Dunsford, executive general manager – northern region, Ovato  

5. Debbie Burgess, chief executive officer, Bright Print Group  

6. John Wanless, owner, Bambra
7. Matt Aitken, chief executive officer, IVE Group
8. Darryl Meyer, chief executive officer, Franklin Web and Blue Star Web
9. Theo Pettaras, owner, Digitalpress
10. Kirsten Taylor, owner, Taylor’d Press
11. Trent Nankervis, chief executive officer, CMYKhub
12. Kevin Slaven, managing director and chief executive officer, Ovato
13. Keith Ferrel, general manager operations, Cactus Imaging
14. Andrew Macaulay, chief executive officer, PVCA
15. Jenny Berry, member relationship executive, Ai Group
16. Jamie and Jason Xuereb, co-founders, Mediapoint
17. Aldo Burcheri, director, Courtney Colour
18. Natalie Taylor, national sales director – web print division, IVE Group
19. Lachlan Finch, director, Rawson Print Co.
20. Brad Wruck, general manager, Colorcorp
21. Kelvin Gage, general manager – engagement and strategy, The Real Media Collective
21. Leo Moio, director, Print Media Group
23. Alex Coulson, general manager, Hero Print
23. Anthony Karam, executive chairman, TMA Group
25. Ben Testa, general manager, Labelhouse
26. Dan Mantel, operations manager, AFI Branding
27. Mel Ireland, federal president, Lithographic Institute of Australia
28. Mitchell Mulligan, president, Visual Connections
29. Emmanuel Buhagiar, owner, Imagination Graphics
30. Kenneth Beck & Peter Musarra, co-directors, Carbon8
31. Aleks Lajovic, managing director, Impact International
32. Corey London, managing director, Special T Print
33. Craig Honey, chief executive officer, MSP Photography
34. Ben Newberry, owner, TK Print
35. John O’Brien, vice president & managing director, CCL Australia and New Zealand
36. Tom Eckersley, managing director, Eckersley Print Group
37. Gavin Allen, owner, Crystal Media
38. Flora Zhao, owner, Skyline Print & Design
39. Charles Batt, owner, MBE Parramatta
39. Peter Harper, general manager, Visual Connections
41. Wayne Sidwell, executive chairman, Wellcom
42. Atish Shah & Manish Shah, directors, Quality Press
43. Ian Smith, general manager, Advance Press
44. Jon Clarke, general manager printing, Australian Community Media
45. John Schreenan, director, Revolution Print
46. John Georgantzakos, managing director, Spotpress
47. Rod Dawson, managing director, Southern Colour
48. Peter Orel, executive chairman, Finsbury Green
49. Greg Hourigan, manager, marketing and business integration, AAB Holdings
50. Kevin Pidgeon, executive chairman, Lithocraft