The ProPrint Power 50, now in its tenth year, acknowledges the professional achievements of members of the Australian printing industry based on their approach to the craft, use of technology, leadership, lobbying and business strategy. At its core is a wish to acknowledge those that have broken new ground in the industry through their contributions.

The people in the Power 50 are nominated and then voted on by an industry panel making it a peer-voted annual event that ProPrint is proud to continue to champion.

For the first time in 2019 ProPrint has introduced the Emerging 50 which is designed to recognise the contributions of newcomers who have joined the industry in the last five years.

The process of nominations and judging is transparent from beginning to end. It all starts with ProPrint calling for nominations from suppliers, printers and those wishing to self-nominate in August. A list of all nominees was published in the October 2019 edition of ProPrint. An industry judging panel  assessed each nominee and cast their vote. Once the top 50 names were determined external auditing firm PKF Australia were appointed, as was the case in 2018, they review the numbers to ensure the final 50 and the order in which they appear represents the will of the industry.

In 2019 all 50 members of the Power 50 were recognised as doing the best work in the industry throughout the year. They ranged from the biggest industry players right through to smaller disruptors. For the first time in history there was a tie for first, a reflection of the stringent auditing process.

The Power 50 represents the movers, shakers and deal makers that are defining the Australian printing industry today and importantly charting the course for the future.


All nominees will be invited to attend the event along with the judging panel, auditors and sponsors.


  • Connect and raise your brand awareness
  • Get face-to-face and network
  • Continue building existing relationships
  • Branding pre-event, at event and post-event, print and digital – Oct 2019 through to Feb 2020
  • Your marketing material in take home bags